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Making _SOURCES not default to .c extension

From: Ryan Kereliuk
Subject: Making _SOURCES not default to .c extension
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2003 17:10:34 -0600

When I create a list of test programs in check_PROGRAMS, automake
generates a rule for each entry, foo, where that entry depends on
foo_SOURCES which defaults to foo.c.  This is pretty good because
I don't have to explicitly say foo_SOURCES = foo.c for each of the
zillion test programs to be compiled.  I'd like it to default to
foo.cxx on this project, however, because everything is in C++.
What's the best way of accomplishing this?  It would be nicer perhaps
if each defaulted foo_SOURCES had a right hand side of foo.$(SRCEXT)
instead to let the user override $(SRCEXT) and have reasonable
defaults derived from AC_LANG or, as a last resort, plain .c.

(If it turns out there's no good way to do what I want and people
like the idea presented, I don't mind hacking it in.)

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