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Re: SUFFIXES does not work?

From: Michael Bletzinger
Subject: Re: SUFFIXES does not work?
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2003 12:19:11 -0500
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Jose Roman Bilbao wrote:
Hi all,

I have a little problem using automake as I can not make it accept a
different suffix like .moc. I have written this


libXmippGraphics_la_SOURCES = Src/      showTools.moc \
        Src/         show2D.moc \
        Src/      showTable.moc \
        Src/        showSel.moc \
        Src/        showVol.moc \
        Src/    showSpectra.moc \
        Src/        showSOM.moc \
        Src/ showSpectraSOM.moc

INCLUDES = -I$(top_srcdir)/Lib @QT_CXXFLAGS@



I'm not a make expert but don't you need to specify the input extension as well as an output. Something like:



        @echo "Generating MOC for" $*.hh "..."
        @@QT_MOC@ -o $* $*.hh
        @make $*_moc.o @QT_CXXFLAGS@ @QT_LIBS@
        @mv $*_moc.o $*.moc
        @rm $*

It gives no problems when running autoconf, automake and others.... but
when compiling it seems not to generate anything related to .moc files.
Can you help me trying to find out the problem?


Michael Bletzinger      Software Developer, Alliance Computational
address@hidden  Environment & Security
217 265 5137            NCSA

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