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2 questions about libraries

From: Jose Roman Bilbao
Subject: 2 questions about libraries
Date: 17 Jun 2003 11:42:19 +0200


I am finally reaching the end of my "autotoolization" of my program but
I still have two questions I think will be easy to solve but I can not
figure out how to do it...

1st: I have a multiple subdirectories project. One of those directories
stores again multiple subdirectories. In each of them a librtary
(shared) is built and stored in .lib (local) directory. Te thing is that
I would like all my libraries to be built in the same global directory,
lets say ($ROOT_FOR_M_PROG)/libs. How can I do that?.

2nd: Now, in another subdirectory of the root directory I have my
programs which I want to link against some of the previously built
libraries but I dont know how to refer them and where to refer them:

I have written:

bin_PROGRAMS = 2Dinterpolation
2Dinterpolation_SOURCES =
2Dinterpolation_LDADD =

But I dont know what to put in LDADD or even if LDADD is the correct
variable to use.

Well... I know it is a long mail but I hope it will be easy to answer
it. Many thanks.


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