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Re: Problem with libtool

From: Guido Draheim
Subject: Re: Problem with libtool
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 18:45:02 +0200
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Marcus Bjurman schrieb:

My project ( consists of two parts. One shared 
library and one ordinary executable linked agains the library. The library gets 
built alright but when building the executable libtool doesn't respect the 
$prefix that was choosen at configure-time. What I mean is that the rpath that 
libtool uses at link-time always gets set to /usr/local/lib regardless of the 
$prefix. This obviously causes a problem after the install since the executable 
is linked against a library in /usr/local/lib that doesn't exist.

I checked the libtool script av saw that the variable used for rpath is libdir. 
Checking further I saw that all makefiles have libdir setup correctly to 

So my question basicly is: where does libtool get the libdir variable from? And 
then what is the correct way of getting the correct value there?

BTW: I have checked other packages such as xmms that has the same basic layout 
with a library and an executable. They all work so its not a problem with the 
installation, its rather a problem with me not being able to figure out why 
they work and not my project ;)

Please CC replies to me


I did just see a similar problem, but it was related with re'configure'ing
of the project sources with a different --prefix. It seems that the
libtool .la file is not updated with the new prefix, I had to `make clean`
before it got it right. Perhaps there's a similar thing about your stuff
here that the linker script (.la) has an old prefix from an earlier build?

have fun,
-- guido                        
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