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feature request "make dep"

From: Markus Werle
Subject: feature request "make dep"
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2003 13:09:21 +0200


Though I appreciate the automatic dependency tracking mechanism,
I sometimes encounter problems with this approach using Intel's C++
compiler. For reasons I do not understand prefixed objects get rebuilt,
so either depcomp cannot properly deal with Intel's Compiler (which is
handled as if it were a tru64) or there is another yet undetected issue.

This means, that dependencies computed as a side effect  yield a
recompilation. I could not find any problem within the
generated Makefile, so I guess it is depcomp to blame.

Since the dependencies are fine in general, I would appreciate
if I could evoke
make dep
to handle situations in which the dependency tracking via
depcomp fails, just to have some more control on what is going on.

Any hints how I can debug the actual situation?
Reading through depcomp sources is not too nice a thing to do.

Can I use another compiler (e.g. g++) to generate the dependencies?
Is there a way to explicitly define the tool neeed to build the dependencies?

best regards,


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