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Re: delete aclocal.m4? keep generated files on cvs server? enforcespece

From: Richard Dawe
Subject: Re: delete aclocal.m4? keep generated files on cvs server? enforcespecefic automake/conf version?
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2003 07:28:11 +0100


Andrew Suffield wrote:
> The extra calls to config.status are there because it's a damn sight
> faster this way than letting automake-generated Makefiles call
> config.status once for each subdirectory (which they would otherwise
> do on the next build) - this is "right", but not what you wanted.

Yeah, that is annoying. Luckily it has been fixed and will be in the next
version of automake (1.8.x). From CVS HEAD's NEWS file:

"  - The rules for rebuilding Makefiles and Makefile.ins will now
    rebuild all Makefiles and all Makefile.ins at once when one of
    configure's dependencies has changed.  This is considerably faster
    than previous implementations, where config.status and automake
    were run separately in each directory (this still happens when you
    change a locally, without touching or
    friends).  Doing this also solves a longstanding issue: these
    rebuild rules failed to work when adding new directories to the
    tree, forcing you to run automake manually.

  - For similar reasons, the rules to rebuild configure,
    config.status, and aclocal.m4 are now defined in all directories.
    Note that if you were using the CONFIG_STATUS_DEPENDENCIES and
    CONFIGURE_DEPENDENCIES (undocumented) variables, you should better
    define them in all directories.  This is easily done using an

Bye, Rich =]

Richard Dawe [ ]

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