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hi automake ,see a dream team

From: barcelonasoccer
Subject: hi automake ,see a dream team
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 03 11:00:49 Hora padrão leste da Am. Sul

The Barcelona soccer show,  was creat in 1997, in Copacabana beach, was a homage to Ronaldinho, player of espanish team in epoch. In begin was only a good team, winner of the various championship. But because  the absence of suport and publicity of this sport in Brasil, I did creat in 2000, a “show-team” of  the Barcelona, taking alon the players more  beauty and feminine to change the image of the  woman soccer , showing that the woman can play soccer and no lost the feminine way. The result of this idea was very good with diverse reportages in TV and newspaper. Because very success that had our team in Brasil, becoming a big atraction to the public, I believe, that my team will have same success in others place of the world. This way I did send this email to help me try close apresentation in your country. This apresentation can be free ( with all expenses paid: transport, alimentation and hotel ) or with a reward in case of apresentation with gol of gain.

I wait a answer.



PS: See below, someones reportages of our team

Alexandre Saleh

Responsable of the Barcelona Soccer Show

( 02121 24807366 )



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