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Stealing CA $9 billions = Recall Election

From: ENRON = Swarzenegger
Subject: Stealing CA $9 billions = Recall Election
Date: Sun, 12 Oct 2003 17:47:48

Thanks for mail; 

You people elected Adolph Hitler  Swarzenegger - ENRON BOY 
and you will have Rolling Blackout every day from now on; 

Until next election; and we will recall this german pig fast; 

For now the best we can do is to ignore him and every republican person 
and his business; or life of normal people will get fuck up to the max; 

Yes, boycott all products and service offered by Republican's companies; 

WE did this is Communism mafia and we abolish them; 
now is time to put to jail every republican who hate USA and people; 

They do Economic Holocaust to the nation today ( jewish too) .. 

All we can expect is Gestapo time until we stop them from 
fuck election; I strongly believe they " false fix " election in Southern 

Most republicans' are criminals; and have to go to jail; starting from Bush 

Gray Davis wasn't the best; but now we can have real Nazi Time 
where police will shut to striking people; 
and you let's it happened; 

I'm in Bay Area; where 80% people still think of our kids and grandkids life; 
you only steal money and destroy family life; down there 
Actor is nothing else; but skilled liar

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