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Re: AM_CONDITIONAL not working properly, or I just don't understand :-(

From: Gary V. Vaughan
Subject: Re: AM_CONDITIONAL not working properly, or I just don't understand :-(
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2003 14:15:06 +0100
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Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
Gary V. Vaughan wrote:

Actually, you *do* need to install the libraries even if they are linked into the program statically because libltdl looks up the pseudolibrary (.la) in the module directory to get metadata about (even preloaded) modules. Fixing this is on the TODO list, but it is quite a big job and probably won't be fixed soon.

Well, now that you've seen my messages on the libtool list you know that I'm not lt_dlopen-ing the .la files at all (unless they were built shared), but rather scanning the lt_preloaded_symbols list directly and using the names I find there. So in my case I don't need the .la files when the libraries were built statically, unless there's something else that I'm missing. I'd really like my users to be able to create a static binary and be able to copy it around without needing any "support" files for it to function properly.

Is there a way to get this AM_CONDITIONAL logic to do what I'm asking?

Completely untested, but have you tried:




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