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Thanks for your concern

From: Okadigbo Ngozi
Subject: Thanks for your concern
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 10:57:49 -0800

#12, Liberty Street,
Housing Estate.

Dear friend,

Please I am sending this letter to you through this medium, with
heartfelt hope that you will sincerely respond passionately to my
urgent cry for your assistance.
I am Mrs. Ngozi c. Okadigbo, the wife of late chief Chuba Okadigbo a
formal senate president of the federal republic of Nigeria and also
renowned businessman and a devoted Christian, whom we lost few weeks
ago as a result of political struggle in the country now.
Since the death of my husband, I have been highly disturbed mentally,
psychologically and physically. In fact the death of my husband has
affected me greatly, the worst of it all is that barely one week
after his death, my husband's family members have been disturbing and
compounding my present sober mood, demanding that I should declare
all my husband assets and surrender all his bank accounts to them.
Being a young widow with son's and daughter's, I have considered it
right to secure my future and that of my surviving children with my
husband's assets as it is done else where in the world.

This is why I have decided to contact you, for you to assist me
receive the sum of US$15.5M which my husband secretly deposited in a
Private Trust firm for safe-keeping few months before his untimely
Already, I have declared all my late husband's local accounts to
them, for me to have peace of mind and start a new life all over
again, but they still persist that I have not surrendered everything
to them yet.
I am contacting you through this medium specifically for you to act
as my late husband's Foreign Associate who can go to the Trust Firm
retrieve the consignment of the funds with all documents of deposit
which I will give to you.
Though this message would have been sent to you via surface mail, but
for the worldwide scare of Anthrax and delays. Hence, I decided to
contact you via your email address. I want you to act fast because I
want to join you as soon as you have secured the money, to ease this
mental and psychological depression which I am experiencing since the
death of my husband.
I equally want you to assist my children and I in acquiring a
residence permit in your country, this way we will be guaranteed a
secured future. On receipt of your response, I will send you all the
documents of the deposited funds to go to the Trust Firm and secure
the money with my authorization.
Please contact me immediately because of the confidentiality required
to enable me give you further clarifications. Please do not give this
information to any body so as to avoid my late husband's relations
from knowing about this development.

I remain,
Ngozi c.Okadigbo.

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