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non recursive includes proof of concept #2

From: Robert Collins
Subject: non recursive includes proof of concept #2
Date: Mon, 01 Dec 2003 19:52:37 +1100

Well, I finally snuck in a little time to update my proof of concept for
non recursive includes.

Still, I don't code perl - and it shows ;).

How to use?

Grab CVS automake, apply thepatch, drop the test files into tests

Have a look at the test cases to see how to use it.

What does it do?

It transforms macros and paths in an included file (called
Makefile.rules for now) , to make them suitable for a non-recursive

As show by the test cases, this allows a couple of neat things:
1) A stub 
include \$(srcdir)/Makefile.rules
is all that is needed in a given subdirectory to generate a full
makefile. (Useful if you want to be able to cd to a given dir and
perform builds just in that dir).

2) File paths, and canonical macro names are conveniently short - just
what Bob F has been (rightfully IMO) complaining about.

3) You don't end up with a huge to support, rather each part
of the project has a small rules file.


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