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Re: automake and i18n

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: automake and i18n
Date: Tue, 09 Dec 2003 10:53:19 +0100
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 > Hi,
 > Akim Demaille wrote:
 >> > It is possible to do the internationalization in such a way, that
 >> > automake would still run without libintl-perl being installed.
 >> > License problems should not be an issue, libintl-perl is distributed
 >> > under the LGPL.  As for the required Perl version, Perl 5.004 is
 >> > sufficient for libintl-perl.
 >> > Comments?
 >> Do you know any maintainer that does not know English?  In other
 >> words, what's the use?  Will you translate the documentation too?

 > Why are other GNU developer packages like "make" or "gcc"
 > internationalized? 

Because they are already heavily documented elsewhere.  The two
precise examples you chose are GNU versions of world wide spread

But I hear your point, I just beg to differ on the relative
importance.  And I'm waiting for requests to internationalize
configure, and the messages embedded in the Makefile rules :)

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