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Re: Help Requests

From: David Wolfe
Subject: Re: Help Requests
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2003 21:29:48 -0500

> >      ... moving everything into the top-level dir (#1) did solve the
> > problem.  Unfortunately, I don't currently have any control over the
> > directory structure (the motivation behind the attempt is to keep
> > platform specific items, i.e. *nix makefiles, VC++ 6 project files,
> > etc. in subdirectories away from the source files). 

Drat.  I'm in *exactly* the same boat.  I can't get 'make dist' to work
with relative paths, and my colleagues will go ballistic if I 'pollute'
the source tree with *NIX config files.  I was hoping there was a magic
fix. :-{

> AFAIK There's a third possibility : you could setup a dist-hook target
> in which allows you to specify completely your dist rule

I suspect I'm too lazy for that. ;-)  Seems like it would be more fun to
take a stab at hacking automake to work with my setup.  Or is the
"config files must be in the top-level dir" rule so ingrained into the
tool that this is extremely unlikely?

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