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Autoconf 2.59 available from

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Autoconf 2.59 available from
Date: 16 Dec 2003 13:22:16 -0800
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Autoconf 2.59 is now available from the following URLs:

Here are the MD5 checksums:

d4d45eaa1769d45e59dcb131a4af17a0  autoconf-2.59.tar.gz
1ee40f7a676b3cfdc0e3f7cd81551b5f  autoconf-2.59.tar.bz2

There is only one major change in Autoconf 2.59:

** ac_abs_builddir etc.
  Absolute paths were actually relative in 2.58.

Autoconf 2.59 was originally released on 2003-11-12; see
Unfortunately it wasn't copied to until today due to
problems that we had with the new upload procedures.
Sorry about the delay.

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