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non-recursive via includes

From: Robert Collins
Subject: non-recursive via includes
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2003 21:41:13 +1100

        I plan to push this through a little closer to completion (some
feedback from the maintainers would be greatly appreciated !)

I've created a branch for this in arch:


The arch repository is at

(GNU Arch is an RCS system -

I've also imported the CVS HEAD branch's entire history, to the branch
address@hidden/automake--HEAD--0. I'll be keeping HEAD
up to date, to keep my branch's delta minised. If there's interest I'm
happy to generate a branch for CVS-1.8 and keep that up to date.

Now, the patch status is where it was before - it passes the two test
cases I created. I'll be adding a couple more complex test cases and
seeing what breaks tonight.

If anyone is interested in commit messages for this repository, drop me
a line.


GPG key available at: <>.

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