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Re: [Q] Absent directories and automake

From: Alexandre Duret-Lutz
Subject: Re: [Q] Absent directories and automake
Date: Sat, 03 Jan 2004 14:01:59 +0100
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>>> "zaufi" == Alexander Turbov <address@hidden> writes:


 zaufi> Is there is any way to avoid this behaviour of automake? 

  SUBDIRS = ... $(TESTS_MAYBE) ...

And define TESTS_MAYBE conditionally with an AC_SUBST.
Automake shouldn't be able to complain about directories it cannot
know about.


 zaufi> Any objections why it can't be implemented
 zaufi> (suppressed)??

Automake wants you to distribute a self-contained package.  If a
directory can be built under some configuration option, then
that directory ought to be distributed.
Alexandre Duret-Lutz

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