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RE: Target-specific CFLAGS

From: Drummonds, Scott B
Subject: RE: Target-specific CFLAGS
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 13:26:07 -0800

From: address@hidden 
> <quote>
> noinst_LIBRARIES = normal.a normal-feature.a
> normal_a_SOURCES = [bunch of files]
> normal_feature_a_SOURCES = $(normal_a_SOURCES)
> normal_feature_a_CFLAGS = -DFEATURE
> </quote>
> Where have I gone wrong?

Of course, when my source files are C++ files the _CFLAGS extension does
nothing.  Changing this to _CPPFLAGS fixed the problem.  Duh.

Sorry for the mails, all.


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