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Re: How to handle documentation and move it in the right place.

From: Hans Deragon
Subject: Re: How to handle documentation and move it in the right place.
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 12:34:10 -0500
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Bob Friesenhahn wrote:
On Wed, 25 Feb 2004, Hans Deragon wrote:

  I am trying to jugle with automake and rpmbuild to get an RPM built with the
documentation in the proper place.  I tried many things, but I never succeded to
get my documentation installed where I want.  When the documentation is
installed in the right place using "make install", rpmbuild can't get the
documentation or complains.

The most common procedure for building RPMs appears to be to do

  make DESTDIR=/somewhere install

and then reference the installed files in /somewhere in the RPM spec
file.  This way the normal Automake install target is used and you
don't need to worry about anything but 'install' in your

Bob Friesenhahn


I do not understand how "make DESTDIR=/somewhere install" would help. In a way, I am already doing it.

Here is a partial listing of %buildroot:

[... deleted lines ...]
[... deleted lines ...]

As you see, my document files are duplicated in the build directory. When rpmbuild calls my tarball's source with "make install", the documents are copied under:


Now when rpmbuild reads the "%doc doc" statement, it copies from the tarball the documents to:


This directory is the right place where they should be. However, because they files under .../usr/share/apt-build/doc/ are not listed in %files, rpmbuild complains "error: Installed (but unpackaged) file(s) found:" and my rpm is not built.

How can I avoid .../usr/share/apt-build/doc/ to be created in the first place, when it is the normal spot for my documents when "make install" is called?

In other words, I want the documents be at different places when they are part of a tarball or an rpm, but this causes problem because from what I understand, rpmbuild needs them to be in the same place.

Best regards,
Hans Deragon
Consultant en informatique/Software Consultant
Deragon Informatique inc.     Open source:
mailto://address@hidden     (Automatically poweroff home servers)

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