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Re: Problems installing dependant libraries

From: Fredrick Meunier
Subject: Re: Problems installing dependant libraries
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 13:19:30 +1100
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Hi Bob,

Thanks for the detailed response.

Bob Friesenhahn wrote:
The fundamental problem is that Automake does not have an overall
coherent understanding of the library dependencies when libraries are
built using a recursive build.  Without understanding the library
dependencies, it is difficult to see how relinking would work.

In my case it is a non-recursive build with _LIBADD entries for all the inter-library dependencies, my problem boils down to installations being done in the order specified in lib_LTLIBRARIES, even if _LIBADD entries list dependencies that are violated by this ordering. As the entries for these lists are autogenerated in my project, I would prefer not having to hack the generators to mainain a particular order for the libraries as this is neccesarily brittle.

So the solution is for someone to come up with a way that Automake can
have a coherent understanding of library dependencies (which are
already specified piecemeal in individual files).  One way
to accomplish this may be to maintain a top-level file which records
the order that libraries were linked during the build.

I have a single Makefile and _LIBADD references are used throughout to make library dependencies explicit, the autotools should also work in this case.


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