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Re: getting header files distributed

From: Adam Monsen
Subject: Re: getting header files distributed
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2004 17:18:40 -0700 (PDT)
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On Thu, July 8, 2004 3:52 pm, Thomas 'Tom' R. Treadway III said:
> I don't see include/ as part of SRCDIRS or at least DIST_SRCDIRS
> in

Do you mean SUBDIRS, DIST_SUBDIRS? Should include/ be in one of those?

> Don't seem to have in every directory.

Is this necessary? Is there a way to just say, "distribute everything in
include/ and its subdirectories"? This would be an easy thing to add to
the toplevel

Would it be easier if all the header files were just in lib/, where the
libgsutils.a archive is built? The only problem is that src/lwc.c needs
those headers as well as the .c files in lib/, so I figure the .h files
need to be distributed. Any ideas?

I tried adding the dirs in include/ to AC_CONFIG_FILES in,
then adding's everywhere in include/ that just have SUBDIRS
entries and or EXTRA_DIST entries, but 'make distcheck' still fails.

Thank you,

>      trt
>> In my project source root, I have header files for a shared library in
>> a directory, 'include/'. Is there an easy way to get this directory
>> included in the build so 'make distcheck' will work? I'm not sure, but
>> it seems like the VPATH build is failing. 'make dist' works fine.
>> All source for this project is availble here (or should be soon):
>> download
>> The source can also be viewed here through a Web browser:
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>> Adam Monsen <address@hidden>
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Adam Monsen <address@hidden>

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