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perl ExtUtils::MakeMaker + Autotools

From: Stony Yakovac
Subject: perl ExtUtils::MakeMaker + Autotools
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2004 20:52:06 -0700

I have a project which I have put under autotools which has several perl
packages associated with it.  One of them is swigged, two are pure
perl.  The dilemma is not building for development, I was able to do
that with the install-exec-hook, the dilemma is how to get the whole
project past distcheck.  I have been trying for weeks now.  I have gone
from putting all kinds of support in the files to trying to
duplicate the functionality of automake in ExtUtils::MakeMaker (which
required some fairly significant changes to ExtUtils::MakeMaker)

Has anyone done this?  I have searched the web, but have not been happy
with what I found.  Does anyone have suggestions?


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