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Extending automake

From: Chris Lee
Subject: Extending automake
Date: Sun, 01 Aug 2004 15:21:48 -0400
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Hi, all.

In KDE, currently, we have a custom perl script called am_edit which does a bunch of voodoo to support some custom keywords that we use in KDE-ized files.

I personally am on a vendetta against our existing crufty build system, and as part of that I'm trying to figure out how to kill am_edit.

Now, one of the things[0] that our build system supports which I really want to continue to support is the definition:

Which automatically scans all of the source files and generates '.moc' files for the ones that require it by running the moc command. It's slightly more complicated than just running moc, as you need to run moc against the header file and not the cpp file.

For example, foo.cpp may have the line '#include "foo.moc"' in it somewhere. The command that needs to be run before foo.cpp gets compiled is:

moc -o foo.moc foo.h

How do I go about doing this The Right Way?


[0] Our build system supports some other crack too, which would also be nice to support; there's documentation about it at if people are interested in looking at it.

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