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Re: Extending automake

From: Faschingbauer
Subject: Re: Extending automake
Date: Tue, 03 Aug 2004 15:30:20 +0200 (CEST)

>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Lee <address@hidden> writes:

Chris> Hi, all.
Chris> In KDE, currently, we have a custom perl script called am_edit which 
Chris> does a bunch of voodoo to support some custom keywords that we use in 
Chris> KDE-ized files.

Chris> I personally am on a vendetta against our existing crufty build system, 
Chris> and as part of that I'm trying to figure out how to kill am_edit.

Chris> Now, one of the things[0] that our build system supports which I really 
Chris> want to continue to support is the definition:

Chris> Which automatically scans all of the source files and generates '.moc' 
Chris> files for the ones that require it by running the moc command. It's 
Chris> slightly more complicated than just running moc, as you need to run moc 
Chris> against the header file and not the cpp file.

Chris> For example, foo.cpp may have the line '#include "foo.moc"' in it 
Chris> somewhere. The command that needs to be run before foo.cpp gets compiled 

Chris> moc -o foo.moc foo.h

Chris> How do I go about doing this The Right Way?

I can imagine that this could be done with confix (, which
generates automake input basically, and which you can extend with a
plugin scheme for arbitrary code generators.


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