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package creation

From: Gustavo A. Baratto
Subject: package creation
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2004 13:28:36 -0700

hello all,

sorry for my html e-mail earlier...  here is goes again:

I thought this was a very well requested feature, but I after searching on
the mailing list archives, I found out that it is not...

Basically, what I looking for is a 'make package' rule, where all the files
that would be installed, plus an install script could be tarred up together,
so we can copy the tarball to many diferent servers, unpack it, run the
script, and the files get installed without the need of copying over or nfs
mounting the whole source code? Not a fancy full blown package like rpm.

Maybe the install script would have an uninstall feature as well (I have
seen a thread requesting this).

I know nothing about automake except for running make,make install and make
distclean... but I would be willing to help...

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