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Business offer.

From: Plasma Connection corp
Subject: Business offer.
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2004 22:59:34 -0400


Plasma Connection company is one of the leaders in sales of plasma TV sets via 
Internet network. At this stage  we are planning to expand our sales market by 
attracting customers from Australia and New Zealand.  
Therefore we start to hire financial managers and would like to suggest you a 
unique opportunity to make money right at your PC desk. You do not need any 
special knowledge in the sales area in order to start the career of a Financial 
Manager. The main cooperation terms are - honesty, accuracy and responsibility.
The idea of this work is to be an intermediary between us and the client from 
your country. We accept only electronic currencies, such as E-Gold, Web Money 
as payment, but the majority of our clients are not used to or do not trust 
this type of payment. So your task will be to receive payments from our clients 
and to resend them to us. Your commission will equal 7 % from the amount 
transferred to your account. All transfer charges will be debited to our 
This practice has been used for several years already, and our clients are very 
happy about it, as in addition to convenient service the time of delivery of 
the goods is shortened.

What are the advantages of our offer for you:
1. You don't need any special knowledge in the field of finance or sales.
2. No membership dues are incurred.
3. This work will take about one hour per day and is not tiresome.
4. This is an in-house job.
5. Your work will start immediately after you fill in the Form (as a rule, 
within 1-3 days).
6. Our sales volume is about 80000 - 150000 usd per month (10000 - 20000 per 
one agent), so that you can make good money with us.

Work description:
The employee who will be accepted for the specified position should follow 
these simple instructions:

To accept payment from a client to the Bank Account 
To keep 7 % from the received amount as payment.
To send the rest of money to one of our official representative offices via 
Western Union or MoneyGram.
To inform our manager (address@hidden) the details of payment.

At present number of vacancies is limited (Australia - 4 agents, New Zealand - 
2 agents). Do not miss your chance!
If you would like to apply for this position please mail us to address@hidden  
and we will send you the registration form.
Yours faithfully,
Henry Summers, marketing manager.
Email: address@hidden   
26 George Street
New York
Phone: 1 (718) 736-64-89 (freephone) 
or 1 (718) 736-64-90
Fax: 1 (718) 736-64-90


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