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Files used in EXTRA_DIST not working with distcheck

From: Joshua Moore-Oliva
Subject: Files used in EXTRA_DIST not working with distcheck
Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2005 19:00:22 -0400
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I have two files, cspm.lex and cspm.y that due to circumstances out of my 
control need special processing.  The only way I could get them into the 
package without automake
automatically processing them was by using the EXTRA_DIST variable, as follows

EXTRA_DIST = cspm.lex cspm.y

I can make dist, and the package works fine.  However, make distcheck always 
fails with the following error

bison -v -d cspm.y
bison: cannot open file `cspm.y': No such file or directory

It appears as if distcheck is not including the EXTRA_DIST files in its check.  
Is there any way I can force distcheck to include EXTRA_DIST files during 

Thanks, Joshua Moore-Oliva

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