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Re: Files used in EXTRA_DIST not working with distcheck

From: Joshua Moore-Oliva
Subject: Re: Files used in EXTRA_DIST not working with distcheck
Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2005 11:40:47 -0400
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> It would be easier to say what's happening if you showed a bit more of
> your build setup, for example the rules that use cspm*.

This is the entire relevant

EXTRA_DIST = cspm.lex cspm.y

bin_PROGRAMS = cspt
cspt_CXXFLAGS = -Wno-deprecated -DYYDEBUG=1 -include iostream.h
cspt_SOURCES = ParseNode.h ParseNodes.h \
      Symbols.h TranContext.h
nodist_cspt_SOURCES =
cspt_LDADD = $(LEXLIB) cspm.lex ParseNode.h
        $(LEX) -+ -o$@ cspm.lex
        grep -v "class istream" > lex.yy.tmp  # get rid of "class 
        /bin/mv lex.yy.tmp cspm.y ParseNodes.h Symbols.h
        bison -v -d cspm.y

CLEANFILES = cspm.output

> Without that information, I can only guess: Your package is broken with
> respect to VPATH builds, i.e., srcdir != builddir.  "make distcheck"
> tests this.
> Try this: generate your tarball.  In an empty directory, do:
>   gzip -dc $PACKAGE.tar.gz | tar xvf -
>   mkdir build
>   cd build
>   ../$PACKAGE/configure [OPTIONS]
>   make
>   make check
> If this fails, you may need to add a few $(srcdir) and/or $(builddir)
> prefixes to your rules (Automake mostly does this for you in its
> generated stuff).

This does fail.  Could you please give more detail on the solution?  I am not 
sure what rules you are talking about, nor exactly what you mean by a prefix. I 
am new to automake so
excuse my scant automake vocabulary.

> Don't hesitate to show the rules; even if it seems to work on your
> system, they can be tricky to get right so they work for any "make"
> implementation.

They are shown above. Thanks for you help!

Joshua Moore-Oliva

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