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Problem with Automake, help requested!

From: Stephen Ellwood
Subject: Problem with Automake, help requested!
Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2005 00:16:15 +0100
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Im currently writing a fairly nifty software project that makes use of GNU 
autotools extensively, although in a very basic way. My aim is to create a 
package manager in the style of RPM via automake. Im aiming to create both a  
*distro AND platform independent* package manager for Linux.
Things were proceeding smoothly until i hit a problem.

At the moment i have created a whole load of scripts, that download, extract, 
configure make and perform make install on a standard source gzipped tarball, 
with the aim of automating installation and uninstallation for average member 
of Joe Public who understands nothing about compiling c/c++ code and couldnt 
care less.

The software is downloaded into the users home directory, compiled and 
installed. Once installation is complete, make clean is executed in the 
folder containing the compiled software. A copy of this folder is then made 
into a system folder, /usr/share/merlin, and the original folder in the home 
directory is deleted. The aim is to be able to use the copy of the software 
in /usr/share/merlin to uninstall the software from the machine using make 

Unfortunately when my script jumps into /usr/share/merlin and does make 
uninstall it triggers an error. 

Irritatingly when i perform what is essentally the same procedure by entering 
commands manually at a terminal things work without problems.

This problem is starting to drive me slightly nuts, if anyone out there could 
help me i'd be very grateful! 

(More information about the specifics of what im trying to do and the problem 
im hitting can be found in the attachment to this message)

Cheers :)
-=+Stephen Ellwood+=-

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