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Re: Linking a directory into several projects

From: Ian Crowther
Subject: Re: Linking a directory into several projects
Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2005 22:24:17 +0100

In a typical c project I find myself duplicating certain things.

What type of things?

Sorry, I was trying to be unspecific. My particular concern right
now though is a directory of c source files (where the names of the
files in the directory are liable to change). I want the directory
of files to be used by all my c projects. If I add/delete/modify a
file in the directory then I want that to be reflected by each
project I have.

If I create ~/c-lib/libcompat instead and
"ln myproject/libcompat ~/c-lib/libcompat -s" then at build time

(consider using $(LN_S) with AC_PROG_LN_S -- see docs for how to use

I don't think that is any use. I don't wish to create links
in a project that I distribute. I was trying to make my development
easier by simply maintaining "~/c-lib/libcompat" and linking to that
in each project during development. In the event that I build
a distribution then I want the directory that I was linking to to
be put into the tar. "make dist" does this for file or directory

make[2]: *** No rule to make target `../', needed by `'. Stop.

Cannot reproduce.  This looks like a completely unrelated error.
Please show a small example where this takes place.

Ok, I downloaded gnu hello. Lets assume that the src dir exclusively
contains code that I'd like to share between projects (which it doesn't
in this case...) I'm going to move the src dir and link to it:

tar -xvvzf hello-2.1.1.tar.gz
cd hello-2.1.1
mv src ~/shared_dir
ln /home/ian/shared_dir/ src -s

This seems to rule out directory links.

I'm not sure if I'm going about this in a very strange way... surely
other people have this problem, how do they deal with it? I don't
specifically want to use links; I just thought that they would
be a good solution to the problem.



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