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configure can not determin 'HAVE_LIMITS'

From: Steven Woody
Subject: configure can not determin 'HAVE_LIMITS'
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2005 22:23:55 +0800
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i am using autoconf/automake in my currenty project. the project also use a
third-party library which comes with a header file which i should include in my
own sources. but in the header file, there is something like below:

#include <limits>
#include <machine/limits.h>

so, my code including the header will never pass compile becase HAVE_LIMITS was
not set by the ./configure, hence the header will ask the <machine/limits.h>
which however does not exist on my system.

does anyone know what's the cause and gets a solution?

steven woody (id: narke)

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