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Re: Target in Makefile

From: Michael Schulz
Subject: Re: Target in Makefile
Date: Sun, 06 Nov 2005 16:12:39 +0100
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Hello Ralf!

Thank you! This helps me very much!

I think the best solution for my problem is to define two targets (moll and moll_fb). The target moll_fb needs some additional sources and needs to be linked with some additional libraries. How to define the additional libraries for that? Here is my new

bin_PROGRAMS =  moll moll_fb

moll_SOURCES =  moll.m \
       Retain.h \
       common.m common.h \
       Database.m Database.h \
       Collection.m Collection.h \
       Item.m Item.h \
       Interface.m Interface.h \
       Top.m Top.h \
       Message.m Message.h \
       Option.m Option.h \
       Menu.m Menu.h \
       Form.m Form.h \
       Button.m Button.h \
       Image.m Image.h \
       Info.m Info.h \
       Description.m Description.h \
       Dialog.m Dialog.h \
       CollectionChoice.m CollectionChoice.h

moll_fb_SOURCES = $(moll_SOURCES) \
           fb_view.m fb_view.h \
           fb_display.m \
           fb_resize.m \
           fb_bmp.m \
           fb_png.m \
           fb_gif.m \

moll_fb_LIBS = $(LIBS) $(LIBS_IMAGE)

EXTRA_DIST  =   $(moll_fb_SOURCES)

The varible $(moll_fb_LIBS) seems to have only $(LIBS).
$(LIBS_IMAGE) was defined in with AC_SUBST(-lpng -lungif -ljpeg).



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