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Re: automatic linker dependencies for helper-libs to solve undefined ref

From: Christian Nolte
Subject: Re: automatic linker dependencies for helper-libs to solve undefined references?
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2005 22:49:38 +0100
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Ralf Wildenhues wrote:
> You have several choices to attack your problem:
> First, a question: you get undefined references for linking; is that
> because the libs you create depend on each other mutually (A -> B -> A)?

That is exactly the problem!

> If yes, then you can either 
> - list some of them twice in the link line (*_LDADD) (ugly), or,
> - reduce the number of convenience libraries, or even do away with them
>   at all.

I understand that reducing the convenience libs can only be achieved
through going the "Recursive make..." way, as you've described? Or is
there another option (just to be sure, you know)?

> Listing everything twice is very ugly but gets that
> usually done.  But I'd recommend against it.

I fully agree that this is ugly! As I have tried that too...

> If on the other hand you get undefined references because some library
> is not _built_ at the time it is needed, you can
> - change the order 'make' traverses the subdirectories by ordering the
>   entries in SUBDIRS; note that you can use the dot '.' explicitly to
>   choose when to build in the current directory.
> - or use (partially) non-recursive Makefiles.

It seems not to be the case that some libs are not built when they are
needed, as I use kdevelop do do the dirty work. Sadly this IDE is not
very flexible/reliable in case of automake-driven projects. So it seems
that I have to tune the's manually. Which is good on the
other hand, as I have much new things to learn ;-)

>>I thought if the approach mentioned in the paper "Recursive make
>>considered harmful" [1] might be a possible solution, which is also to
>>be found in the automake manual as an alternative to subdirectories [2].
> Definitely.  If you want to go that way:
> - be sure to use a _recent_ Automake
> - use the subdir-objects Automake option

Then I will try this way first.

> I hope this helps a bit.

Thank you very much for your help! I think now I get the whole thing

Best regards!

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