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problem with automake

From: Adnan Shaheen
Subject: problem with automake
Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2006 09:28:01 +0000

Hi all, I was first writing makefile for my project manually, But then
some body told me about the automake process, since then I ve been
using the automake utility to compile and build my projects

I wrote a manual makefile and it compiles every thing without any problem.
Than I used the automake and compiled the same project, with one file
that was used to seek on hard disk, it gives me the following error.

"can not find a register class "BREG" while reloading asm"

What is this error and why occurring with automake, and why not with
manual makefile.

If any body requires I can send both the make files and the code as well.

Adnan Shaheen.
Software Engineer,
AyeSoft,Islamabad, Pakistan.

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