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Re: libtool does not create '.so' file-extension

From: Ralf Wildenhues
Subject: Re: libtool does not create '.so' file-extension
Date: Mon, 9 Jan 2006 16:32:35 +0100
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Hi Christian,

* Christian Nolte wrote on Fri, Jan 06, 2006 at 08:09:00AM CET:
> I have a simple AM-based project here which shall output a single shared
> library. The problem is, that the shared library _is_ created by libtool
> but does not automatically get the .so file-extension. The
> looks like this:

> gpgencryption_la_SOURCES = gpgencryption.c
> gpgencryption_la_LIBADD = -lgpgme -lgpg-error $(GLIB_LIBS) $(GTK_LIBS)
> gpgencryption_la_LDFLAGS = -avoid-version -module

> After the successful compilation, the libtool-archive and co. are in the
> subdir src/.libs, which looks like that:

> As you can see, the file gpgencryption is missing the .so extension.
> 'file' tells me that this is indeed the shared-library, but why is it
> that this file does not get an extension added? There must be something
> missing in my

Hmm.  Which systems is this on, which exact Libtool and Automake
versions do you use?  Do you perchance use inconsistent files,
must come from the same Libtool version that you get the libtool.m4
macros from.

> One thing that I've tried was to use 'plugin_LTLIBRARIES' but that does
> not work either (BTW: is there a recent documentation of automake which
> mentions the plugin_-target?).

For plugin_LTLIBRARIES to be recognized by automake, you also need to
set plugindir (either in, or as AC_SUBSTitution in


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