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Re: installing automake 1.9.5 and now libtool isn't working properly.

From: Peter O'Gorman
Subject: Re: installing automake 1.9.5 and now libtool isn't working properly.
Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2006 21:47:24 +0900
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Dale Walsh wrote:

I think that the problem is that aclocal is picking up a different version of libtool.m4 than it should. It looks like you have a modern and an old libtool.m4, thus meaning SED (and a whole bunch of other things) is undefined.

OK, but if I'm installing both autoconf/automake, shouldn't it install new and libtool.m4 files??? and libtool.m4 are installed when you build and install gnu libtool.

If it's installing one and not the other, how can I remedy this?

If I need to edit a file, which file?

Please install the latest gnu libtool (1.5.22) in the same prefix that you installed automake (use --program-prefix=g during configure of libtool to get glibtool/glibtoolize) and try again. I usually ensure that my automake/autoconf and libtool are all installed in the same prefix - /usr/local, or whereever you like, it causes no end of grief otherwise.

"--program-prefix=g" is not required to install libtool, it does this automatically when it detects Mac OSX.

Sorry, no. I guess I dropped the ball on that patch, libtool does not automatically do --program-prefix=g.

Whatever are the problems with Apple's perl that you're talking about?

You aren't building things with --prefix=/usr, are you? I don't understand why you'd need to reinstall your OS to recover from this situation.

It is my intention to install in /usr

Trying to reinstall the developer tools fails.

I can only advise you strongly to not install in /usr.


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