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Re: Specifying dependencies difficulties

From: Harlan Stenn
Subject: Re: Specifying dependencies difficulties
Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2006 23:04:04 +0000

> > If kconfig_compiler needs any prebuilt stuff, then for the first
> > bootstrap you are gonna need to manually create things and have them in
> > the repo.
> Sorry, you've lost me. What do you mean by "prebuilt stuff"?

The files you generate.

> > If it doesn't need it, I suspect the easiest way to go will be to
> > reorganize a bit so you build everything out of subdirs (nothing in the
> > top-level dir) so you can easily control the build order.
> Right, I can see how that would work.
> > Then you can build the compiler first, then generate the .[ch] files,
> > then the final binaries.
> Unfortunately, going this route will mean my project loses all CVS history
> information :( If only sourceforge were using subversion. (Yes, I know
> they plan to do so "real soon now".)

Ah.  Can you copy the ,v files to the  new dir and then cvs rm the old

(I hate cvs - this is one reason why.)

> Just to be clear here, the *only way* to get automake to honour the
> dependencies I specified in my first mail is to use subdirs to control the
> build order?

There may be some other way - if you are willing to require folks to
"follow the instructions" instead of having folks decide to arbitrarily
jump to some subdir and type "make" there in order to get the beast to
build you can get around some problems that way.

Here are some possible choices:

- use AC_CONFIG_COMMANDS() to produce your generated files:
  AC_CONFIG_COMMANDS([gen-pstuff], [make -C subdir]) so they will be
  ready for the top-level build
- Carefully place '.' in SUBDIRS and use a (possibly new) subdir ahead
  of '.' to produce the generated files


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