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Library dependencies & make install

From: J.T. Conklin
Subject: Library dependencies & make install
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006 12:53:56 -0800
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I am having problems using automake 1.9.3 and libtool when installing
libraries similar to those reported in a message to the automake list
with this same subject line from Bob Friesenhahn about a year ago (cf

I'm appending to lib_LTLIBRARIES in dependency order in my
which would otherwise result in clean install order.  However, some of
the libraries are in automake conditionals.  Automake seems to extract
them from the list and stick them into am__append_X variable(s) which
coorespond to the set of automake conditionals being used.  These lists
seem to be in alphabetical order, and I haven't been able to tell what
determines where the $(am__append_X)s are inserted in the list.  In any
case, this destroys the careful lib_LTLIBRARIES ordering.

Any advice how I can set things up so that libraries will be installed 
in order?

Many thanks,


J.T. Conklin

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