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Re: Timestamp or dependency problem with automake

From: Steve Kreyer
Subject: Re: Timestamp or dependency problem with automake
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2006 16:13:06 +0100
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Hi Ralf,

sorry for this late answer, but I was snowboarding this weekend and did not
checked my emails til now...

Ralf Wildenhues schrieb:

I think pointing outside the build tree like this is a hack that can
break.  Not sure though, but I would not rely on that to work.

I need this little hack because my distribution is not a "standard" linux distribution, and I dont want to waste the project root
directory (../$top_srcdir) with the autogenerated files, because other
peoples only have to navigate through the project root directory, and
i want to hide the generated files from them.

I only meant the paths pointing _outside_ the source tree (I actually
wrote `build tree', sorry about that).  So, this one

is ok, while this one

is not ok.
I did understand you the first time ;) Perhaps my explanation
was a little bit confusing. With "project root directory" I meant not
../$top_srcdir but $top_srcdir/../* . So it was a typo by me.
I think in this case I have no other choice to do so.

Ok ive changed my by removing the idl and plugin target
from the all-local target:

And you've written it a bit more cleanly, which made me actually read
the rules now.  ;-)
So I found more issues:

  for i in `ls ${top_srcdir}/idl/*.idl | awk -F '/' '{ print $$3}'`; do \
              -m header\
              -I ${GECKO_PATH}/idl\
              -I ${top_srcdir}/idl\
-o ${top_srcdir}/include/$${i: 0: `expr length $$i` - 4}

Several comments here:
- First, I would always add a space before the combination
 backslash-newline, but that is arguably a stylistic issue.
- The shell construct `${parameter:n1:n2}' is not portable.
 You can use something like
   echo foobar | sed 's,\(....\).*,\1,'

- This part
    `ls ${top_srcdir}/idl/*.idl | awk -F '/' '{ print $$3}'`

 is IMVHO both ugly and incorrect: what if

 ?  I don't know what xpidlbin does, nor where you usually choose your
 build tree,  but you probably want something like this:
    for file in $(top_srcdir)/idl/*.idl; do
      fbase=`echo "$$file" | sed 's|^.*/||'`
      do_something_with "$$fbase"
Oh good to know. Thanks for these tips.
I wasn't aware about this portability issue.
I've changed it that way:

   for file in $(top_srcdir)/idl/*.idl; do \
       filename=`echo $$file | sed 's/.*\///g' | sed 's/\..*//g'`; \
       ${xpidlbin} \
           -m header \
           -I ${GECKO_PATH}/idl \
           -I ${top_srcdir}/idl \
           -o ${top_srcdir}/include/$$filename $$file; \

*big snip*
.PHONY: clean-local
.PHONY: all-local
.PHONY: dist-hook
These lines (reordered) are unnecessary.  Automake takes care of this.

clean-local I need to do some additional cleanings...
And the dist-hook target I need because of this hack above.

Oh, I did not mean the rules themselves: they are ok.  I just meant the
.PHONY lines (for these special targets) are not necessary: Automake
emits those itself already.
Ok, done :)


Thanks for your effort and time.

Have a nice sunday.


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