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specifying target directories in non-recursive automake

From: John Darrington
Subject: specifying target directories in non-recursive automake
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2006 10:42:37 +0800
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I've been trying to convert a rather largish automake controlled
project from a recursive style build system, to a non-recursive one.
I was rather suprised to see that automake decides to put all the
object files in the root directory; not only ugly, but destroys the
namespaces afforded by each directory.

Consequently, things are falling down when in the cases where there
are identically names source files in different directories. For
example, this simple complains about main.o being created
twice, when the two main.c files are clearly separate.

bin_PROGRAMS = prog1/foo prog2/bar

prog1_foo_SOURCES = prog1/main.c

prog2_bar_SOURCES = prog2/main.c

Reading the manual suggests that I should be able to prefix the
SOURCES variables with nobase_ but it doesn't seem to work.

Can anyone tell me the correct way to create a non-recursive automake
system, which might have identically named source files?


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