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Re: Change a flag for a specific file

From: Sylvestre Ledru
Subject: Re: Change a flag for a specific file
Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2006 15:48:25 +0200

> > A quick question, I would like to be able to change one compilation flag
> > for one file.
> > I have a few fortran files which don't work (but can be compiled) with
> > the optimisation flag (-O).
> You can use per-target flags for this, if you have to.
> (I say "if you have to", because in general it's easier to let the user
> just do
>   ./configure FFLAGS=-O0 FCFLAGS=-O0
> and be done with it.  Why?  Your users will have compilers that do not
> understand '-O0' even; so by hardcoding it, you will make it less fun
> for them).
Yeh, I really have to ! Otherwise, they will have a few very boring
problems like "I can compile it but it crashes when I do xxx".

> If it is even important to you to have _only_ one file compiled with
> this flag, say bar.f, while all the others do not get this flag, you
> could make the compilation of bar.f special by putting it in a (not
> installed) library.  For example:
>   bin_PROGRAMS = foo
>   foo_SOURCES = foo.f
>   foo_LDADD = libdummy.a
>   noinst_LIBRARIES = libdummy.a
>   libdummy_a_SOURCES = bar.f
>   libdummy_a_FCFLAGS = -O0
I didn't think about that trick. It really helps. 

Thank you very much

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