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redirecting produced files

From: Isajha
Subject: redirecting produced files
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2006 06:25:33 +0200
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For this question i produced little example program without I got the
following automake (and autoconf) code - the real code is made up of
several static and dynamic libraries as well as several executables.

If you got a solution for me that might cause problems with debugging,
linking, clean-up or anything else please mention it. I try to produce a
non recursive makefile but im stuck already at the very beginning.

Here the test program:
    bin_PROGRAMS = helloworldlinux client
    helloworldlinux_SOURCES = ../../src/helloworldlinux/HelloWorldLinux.cpp
    client_SOURCES = ../../src/client/MainLinux.cpp

configure in.

The directory layout seems ok the file gets compiled and is linked - no
My problem is that the resulting executable (helloworldlinux in small
letters) as well as the generated HelloWorldLinux.o (with capital
letters) is located in the folder where the make file is.

I do not want these files within the source directory nor in the directy
of the makefile - the executable should be in
(an eventually produced static library in
"../../lib/[os]/[compiler]/[debug/release]") and the intermediate files
in "../../obj/[os]/[compiler]/[debug/release]")

Now im stuck since 5 days and i just don't find any solution. I'd love
to know how just to set the output directory and then perhaps the best
way to accomplish the [os]/[compiler]/[debug/release] and so on.

Perhaps im googling for the wrong terms and therefore can't find
anything. Any help would be very welcome. Thanks in advance.

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