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Re: Weird problem with LIBADD

From: Sylvestre Ledru
Subject: Re: Weird problem with LIBADD
Date: Fri, 06 Oct 2006 16:24:14 +0200

> ... is shorter (and more precisely) written as follows: ...
> libcore_la_LIBADD = \
> $(top_builddir)/libs/blas/ \
> $(top_builddir)/libs/lapack/ \
> $(top_builddir)/libs/MALLOC/ \
> $(top_builddir)/modules/cacsd/ \
> $(top_builddir)/modules/differential_equations/ \
> $(top_builddir)/modules/polynomials/ \
> $(top_builddir)/modules/elementaries_functions/ \
> $(top_builddir)/modules/signal_processing/
> ... because Automake is able to compute libcore_la_DEPENDENCIES from
> this.  If this causes any kind of issues, please report them.  Thanks.
Thanks for the trick !

> Show how you create this library:
>   $(top_builddir)/modules/signal_processing/
> (i.e., the command line used to create it).  It looks like it depends on
> (which would be a circular dependency).
Pff, Ok, you are right. It was my fault. There are many cyclics deps in
the library of the software that I am building and it can be quite
I guess it is not very easy for you to detect this kind of things but if
you could, it would be great (the error message is not explicit).

> It would be the first time that I see that and at the same time it were
> not a user error.  ;-)
Indeed ;)

Cheers and thanks (one more time),

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