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Re: "Sublibraries" without libtool

From: Yevgen Muntyan
Subject: Re: "Sublibraries" without libtool
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2006 19:09:57 -0600
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Ralf Wildenhues wrote:

* Yevgen Muntyan wrote on Mon, Nov 13, 2006 at 10:13:55PM CET:
Well, I didn't mention it, but non-recursive make is one of things
I am trying to do here. Its speed indeed is just awesome, but it also
leads to huge mess: things like
foo_SOURCES += subdir/subdir/subdir/foo.c subdir/subdir/subdir/bar.c;
messy generated files stuff - to keep things nice I need to make
sure subdirectories are created, which leads to creating some funny
stamp files and failing distcheck;

This is too thin for either a bug report or to point out decent help.
A pointer to the source or an example package is better.
It was neither actually. But, if someone wants to help me with
non-recursive make setup, I will greatly appreciate it.
Here's what I currently have (libtool and subdirs, "normal" thing):
(sorry for link);
and here's the best thing I got with non-recursive make:
It worked nicely, but it was terrible mess.

'make dist' gets crazy and fails if you are not careful enough to not
list things twice (this is really funny one - investigating why one
file is put into dist four times can be pretty amusing); and so on.

See above.
I didn't actually think it's a bug, but it's a bug isn't it?
If you do
bin_PROGRAMS = foo bar
foo_SOURCES = foo.c bar.c
bar_SOURCES = foo.c bar.c
then 'make dist' will put foo.c and bar.c twice on the
command line which is used to pack them (copies them to
dist dir or whatever it does). In case of non-recursive setup,
with lots of files, such doubling (and often more than doubling)
leads to "command line too long" errors.

You do know about AC_DISABLE_SHARED by the way, just in case you didn't
know about saving that factor of 2 (with Libtool, I mean)?
doesn't seem to be faster, and I do build shared libs). I guess it helps,
but still no libtool is much faster.

By the way, do I understand it right that there's no way to
make libs LIBRARIES be clever like LT_LIBRARIES, wrt
to LIBADD stuff?

Best regards,

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