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Re: Problem with building .info files?

From: Daniel Franke
Subject: Re: Problem with building .info files?
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2006 00:24:58 +0100
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I found this discussion while looking for a place to report a bug ...

Ralf wrote:
> Quoting Automake 1.8 NEWS:
> |  - Update .info files in the source tree, not in the build tree.  This
> |    is what the GNU Coding Standard recommend.  Only Automake 1.7.x
> |    used to update these files in the build tree (previous versions did
> |    it in the source tree too), and it caused several problems, varying
> |    from mere annoyance to portability issues.

Interestingly, the according dvi, pdf and html targets are built in 

-- --
TEXINFO_TEX   = ../gcc/doc/include/texinfo.tex
MAKEINFOFLAGS = -I $(srcdir)/../gcc/doc -I $(srcdir)/../gcc/doc/include
info_TEXINFOS = libgomp.texi

-- --
$(srcdir)/ libgomp.texi 
libgomp.dvi: libgomp.texi 
libgomp.pdf: libgomp.texi 
libgomp.html: libgomp.texi 

Which results in libgomp.{dvi,pdf,html} in $(builddir) and in 
$(srcdir). At the very least, this behaviour is inconsistent.

Any other suggestions to work around this, than (re-)writing the Makefile 
rules myself?


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