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Help to Package the software.

From: Girish Kumar Shetty
Subject: Help to Package the software.
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2006 12:18:57 +0530

Dear Members,
               I'm a newbie in programming and to Unix world. I've written
some pieces of codes to make a tool ( I wanna call it as WiFiHawk) to
monitor the WLAN using the Net-SNMP. Now I want to put  it into  open source
community.  I'm struggling to make the package. My package is consists of
following files.
wifihawk.c, wifihawk-lib.c  and wifihawk.h will create a binary wifihawk (
monitoring program) and hawkeye.c, hawkeye-lib.c and hawkeye.h will creates
a binary hawkeye (  a text mode display program) . I am using a
configuration file which will be read by both set of programs and  creates
some log files every day. I want to put the configuration file in /etc and
log files /var/log/wifihawk. I've googled and spent some hours to do so. But
I couldn,t succeded. Please help me regarding this.

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