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How do I *conditionally* add to INSTALL_DIRS ?

From: atoz
Subject: How do I *conditionally* add to INSTALL_DIRS ?
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2007 20:03:54 +0900

I have added some install options to configure, for example ...


and some others

I then tried to get automake to add the relevant instructions via INSTALL_DIRS, like so ...

# man pages
if test -n "${with_man_pages}"; then \
        INSTALL_DIRS += $(foomandir) \

# documentation
if test -n "${with_readme}" -o -n "${with_license}" -o -n "$ {with_credits}" -o -n "${with_sgml_docs}"; then \
        INSTALL_DIRS += $(foodocdir) \

but all this did was copy the above VERBATIM into and of course that doesn't install the files then.

any ideas/hints what I need to do to get automake to create the correct instructions in the makefile, but only if the respective options have been set?

thanks a lot in advance

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