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Re: verbosity

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: verbosity
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2007 11:26:27 -0700
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Jason Kraftcheck wrote:
>  This makes it *very* easy to miss potential important compiler warnings
> and such in all the noise.

I have heard this infrequently from posters but I don't experience
this myself and here is why.  I think I will go out on a limb and say
that most (many?)  developers use automated tools to walk through
every warning and every error output from the compilers when building
their projects.  Because of this I find it unlikely that anyone doing
this would miss a warning or an error.  In fact because of this
warnings are an extra annoyance and will usually get fixed.  (Even
without -Werror.)

My personal tool of choice for this is emacs.  But before you balk at
that (because if not then you would not have been asking your
question) let me say that surely vim, kdevelop, or other IDEs also
have capabilities in this area.  Instead of trying to hide useful
output from the build process let me suggest instead that you
investigate using an improved IDE to build and develop your project.
An IDE that walks through the warnings and errors removes much of the
drudgery.  I highly recommend this.

Barring this I would use gcc's -Werror option to make all warnings
into errors.  This way warnings will not be missed.  But I realize
that you said this was a legacy application.  Cleaning up a legacy
application to be completely warning free can be a challenging
process.  I am facing that prospect (again) myself right now.

Just my two cents...


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