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Re: warnings with automake 1.10 on cygwin / pstoedit.m4, libsmi.m4, etc.

From: Brian Dessent
Subject: Re: warnings with automake 1.10 on cygwin / pstoedit.m4, libsmi.m4, etc.
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2007 10:36:03 -0800

David Byron wrote:

> on line 7.  I went ahead and changed it to:
> and the warning disappeared, revealing a different one.  As I fix each one
> the same way, a new one appears.  Here are the rest.
> /usr/share/aclocal/libsmi.m4:8: warning: underquoted definition of
> /usr/share/aclocal/libmcrypt.m4:17: warning: underquoted definition of
> /usr/share/aclocal/cppunit.m4:4: warning: underquoted definition of
> I have a sneaking suspicion this is a cygwin problem since I don't see these
> source files in the automake 1.10 tarball I've got.  Can someone take a look
> at do a sanity check here before I post to the cygwin list?

This has got nothing to do with Cygwin.  You have some packages
installed that include m4 macros that generate warnings due to
obsolete/improper style.  It should be reported to whoever wrote libsmi,
libmcrypt, cppunit, etc.  You'd get those same warnings on any system
where those libraries were installed, Cygwin or otherwise.

But really it's just a warning, one that you can almost certainly
ignore.  In fact at some point in the past somebody posted a script on
the cygwin list to automate the process of updating the quoting on those
m4 files to silence the warnings.  (However doing that is not an optimal
solution as they will just get overwritten again whenever a new version
of the package is released until such point as the package author
updates the code.)


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