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support for other compilers

From: sebastian
Subject: support for other compilers
Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2007 01:23:35 +0000
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I have a NASM/YASM (assembler) project and a KDE-gcc Project.
Now I want to distribute  these two projects.
At the moment I want to write a but it is not going on:

NASM has to be executed like this:  nasm -f elf file.asm
and output is then -> file.o

That has now to be linked  like this:  ld -so file file.o

I tested a lot the result is this:


CCAS = nasm
CCASFLAGS = -f elf

        $(CCAS) $(CCASFLAGS) $ $ $ $<

bin_PROGRAMS = m100o m10o m1o m100u m10u m1u

m100o_SOURCES = m100o.asm
m10o_SOURCES = m10o.asm
m1o_SOURCES = m1o.asm
m100u_SOURCES = m100u.asm
m10u_SOURCES = m10u.asm
m1u_SOURCES = m1u.asm


The file file.o will be created but not linked.
The error is:
execvp: file.o:  no permission
***[file.o] error 127

Do you have any solution for me?

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