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separating source and install name

From: Perrog
Subject: separating source and install name
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2007 20:59:11 +0200


I'm new to writing automake files, but used configuring user.

I want to write a complex makefile that separate the source (or build
name) and install name. I.e the original name of one file is say
Ddd_config, and I want to install it as Ddd. The way install works
makes it natural. How do I do that with automake? Should I add a new
target rule, and how should that rule look like?

To be more specific, the file in detail is belonging to a
DATA-primitive, like so:

dddapp_DATA = Ddd_config

The ideal rules would be hooks and look like so:

# post-install hook
 mv "$(DESTDIR)$(dddappdir)/Ddd_config" $(DESTDIR)$(dddappdir)/Ddd"

 mv "$(DESTDIR)$(dddappdir)/Ddd" "$(DESTDIR)$(dddappdir)/Ddd_config"

I've search automake manual, but could not find it touch this issue.

Thanks so much for any help or hints!

[PS. If you happen to notice the project is GNU's DDD Debugger,
consider the physical problem with Ddd-file merely as an illustrative
example, and not the problem. (The DDD MacOS X fink distribution fix
this problem by a configure-parameter and renaming the binary to
ddd.exe, and not via automake.) —DS.]

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